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— Face masks required. We will provide one if you don't have one. 

— Use of our hand sanitizer is required upon entering salon.

— No guests are permitted to accompany clients on appointments. Waiting areas are closed temporarily.

— Keeping 6 feet away from other clients is required (social distancing practice are enforced.

— If you feel or appear sick (cough, cold, fever, etc.).


— Our safety measures are in line with requirements set by the state.

— Nitrile gloves, face masks, safety googles or face shields and barrier film during treatments.

— Antiseptic soap, medical-grade disinfectant solutions or 94% alcohol solution is used hourly on hands, workstations, chairs, doorknobs, lightswitches and reusable instruments, before, during and after treatments and clients; and salon is disinfected top to bottom weekly.